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Zanilia Zhao decides to stop her work due to health problem

29 years old Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) announced she will be taking a break from filming new series after shooting The Story of Minglan (知否?知否?應是綠肥紅瘦) drama. Recently, she revealed she decided to rest due to health problem during an interview from a Chinese fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar (時尚芭莎). After a medical check-up earlier, the doctor informed Zanilia that the back of her brain had thrombus, her heart was weak and her bones were wounded. She then realised that her body required plenty of resting.

Zanilia joins showbiz for 11 years and is known as a hardworking actress. She works from an extra to an “A” grade actress due to her efforts and determination. Zanilia begins to gain fame after filming Legend of Lu Zhen (陸貞傳奇) drama with Chinese actor, Chen Xiao (陳曉) in 2013. Subsequently, she is given the female main lead roles in many series such as The Journey of Flower (花千骨), The Mystic Nine (老九門) and Princess Agents (楚喬傳).

Apparently, Zanilia suffers from many injuries during the filming for these few years and majority are within control but fail to have a full recovery. Once shooting a horse riding scene, she insisted to film the scene personally despite lacking of experience and fall down after the horse threw a tantrum. Zanilia assume it was simple injury and did not seek for medical treatment immediately at the time. Hence, she did not recover fully until now.

Upon consulting from the doctor again, he told Zanilia that her bone was located at the wrong position and her waist had a big bruise. Other than her brain, heart and bones, the doctor was clueless about the exact area having blood stasis. Thus, it made her felt frightened instantly. Despite her young age, but her body resembles an elderly and it makes Zanilia deciding to take a break after working hard for many years.

In addition, Zanilia becomes the top search celebrity on Weibo once releasing the news related to stopping her work. On 17th July 2018, Zanilia commented that she was shocked about becoming the top search celebrity and detested bad-hearted people. It looks like she hate people who used her news about taking a break as publicity but from another angle, it is possible that the public is showing concern for her. The netizens hoped she will rest well and wait for her return patiently.

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