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Zanilia Zhao is expecting for nearly 3 months and getting married to William Feng?

30 years old Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) gains fame after shooting Chinese series, The Journey of Flower (花千骨). Lately, she announced taking a break from work and the reporters exposed that Zanilia was expecting for 3 months and the daddy was an actor, William Feng (馮紹峰) who was older than her by 9 years old. Although Zanilia denied she was pregnant and did not admit her romance, but Apple Daily (蘋果) discovered that they fell in love after filming The Monkey King 3 (西遊記·女兒國) movie and had a stable relationship. Hence, it caused suspicions from the public when Zanilia stopped her work 2 months ago.

Based on the information from an insider, Zanilia was currently expecting and it was believed that she had to keep it a secret as it was less than 3 months and highly likely they would get married in end 2018. As both were celebrities, they decided to handle their romance in low key but will definitely announce if getting married. When Apple Daily confirmed the rumours with the spokesperson from Zanilia’s work studio, he said: “It is totally fake news.” Anyway, Ruby Lin (林心如) and Moka Fang get married after an unplanned pregnancy and it is not surprising for Zanilia to follow their footsteps since she is taken photographs with William in Beijing all the time.

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