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Zee Lee confirms Dickson Yu is out of danger

Dickson Yu (余德丞) is currently monitored in ICU at Queen Mary hospital. His mother and manager remained silent upon arriving in the hospital around 6pm in the evening on 9th August 2018.

Former TVB actress, Zee Lee (李雯希) who hosted the children show, Kids, Think Big (Think Big天地) with Dickson together previously, she visited him alone at 6pm and left after 30 minutes later. She explained she was disallowed to see Dickson as it was outside the visiting hours and could only console his family.

Zee remarked Dickson’s mother remained strong: “I did chat with his mother and she thanked everyone’s concern. I feel happy that Dickson is in a stable condition and auntie is a strong woman. I know he is out of danger now. (Isn’t he in grave danger?) It is the best news. Heard from his family and manager that he is in a stable condition and it is confirmed. We feel relieved. (Is Dickson’s father here?) I have no idea and see his mother only. (Has Dickson open his eyes?) We stay outside and console his mother only.” She was unaware if Dickson had woken up and could change into an ordinary ward.

Zee said: “We seldom keep in touch lately and our last meeting is last year. His manager says he is very busy with work. (Any idea what happens last night?) Yes, after reading the news. I feel worried for him and he is very young after all.”

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