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Zhou Xun Recommended Wallace Huo for “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”

The highly anticipated Qing dynasty drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace <后宫·如懿传>, also known as The Legend of Ruyi, released a promotional still featuring Zhou Xun (周迅) as Ruyi and Wallace Huo (霍建华) as the Qianlong Emperor. The drama is the second installment to Liu Lanzi’s (流潋紫) Inner Palace <后宫> series. The first was 2011’s Empresses in the Palace <后宫·甄嬛传>, also known as The Legend of Zhen Huan.

The Legend of Ruyi follows the story of Ruyi and her romantic relationship with the Qianlong Emperor. On the differences between Zhen Huan and Ruyi, producer Huang Lan (黄澜) said, “The Legend of Zhen Huan tells the story of a woman’s growth in the inner palace. The Legend of Ruyi is a story about the marriage between the emperor and his wife.”

The Legend of Ruyi celebrates Zhou Xun’s return to television after 2014’s Red Sorghum <红高粱>. Zhou Xun’s versatility and similarities with Ruyi were some of the reasons to why she was the number one pick for the role. Huang Lan said, “Both of them carry the same kind of stubbornness when it comes to love. In many harem stories, women always fought for power. To survive, they had to play the political game. But for Ruyi, she wanted nothing else but pure love, and this show will explore her story and fate.”

Zhou Xun was the one who recommended Wallace for the role of Qianlong. The two found their chemistry in the 2016 Ann Hui (許鞍華) movie, The Great Escape <明月幾時有>, and Zhou Xun was eager to work with him again.

“Zhou Xun will play Ruyi from 20 years old to about 40-50 years old,” introduced Huang Lan. “Wallace, however, will be playing Qianlong from 20 years old to 60-70 years old. It’s definitely a challenge for Wallace, who hasn’t played such a role before.”

Original author Liu Lanzi, who also helms the Ruyi script, is very satisfied of Zhou Xun and Wallace’s casting. “They are exactly how she pictured her characters to be,” said Huang Lan.

The Legend of Ruyi will be airing on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV in 2017. Fox Networks Group will be distributing the show outside of China.

Source: Sina

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